FORWARD Designs Logo Case Study

FORWARD Designs Logo Case Study


FORWARD Designs is more than a side venture. It is a legitimate entity. So the goal was to present it as such

The goal for this project was to

  • establish a presence
  • increase and attract like minded clientele
  • exude professionalism through logo and complimentary branding

Design Details

Creating an image to represent my business was a huge undertaking. Going from doing it at leisure to full time was a massive step and I knew that the logo had to embody the mission and vision for FORWARD Designs. Naming the business came natural. Believe it or not, so did creating the logo. Initially a word mark was the intention but there was a need for a symbol that characterized progression. At the time there was no sketch book available so a random stray paper became a canvas for the idea that came to mind. Inspiration sometimes comes when you least expect it, right? It all started with a quick sketch.

First Sketch FORWARD Design Logo

As you can see there are robots and arrows. Not sure why there is a robot, but I have learned whenever something comes to mind jot it down. That idea can be used later even if it is just for inspiration.

FORWARD Designs logo sketch

There are three arrows. Each symbol is slightly larger than the other to symbolize growth and movement. It reiterates our mission and vision “always moving FORWARD”.

FORWARD Designs Logo with ruler

With this sketch the placement of the arrows (which also resembles a fast forward symbol), color, and wording were thought about. It is simple and memorable. Transitioning from concept to reality was exciting and completely worth all of the hard work that goes into it.

The color of choice was green which represents growth and progress. An idea that stayed with me was a green light. Whenever that it is seen it is universally known that there is freedom to go. That was the inspiration behind the color palette and the whole idea behind FORWARD Designs. It is about moving forward, growing, and constantly progressing.

The font choice was a bit difficult. It was a battle because part of me wanted to go with a modern font that had been suggested but it was too forced and did not quite fit the image of the company or the original idea. Overall I love the font that I chose. It’s fits the personality of my business and is easy to read. As cool as the other options were readability is the most important thing in any logo.


Placement of the arrows was something that I entertained and had fun with. They are slightly rotated in an upward position while pointing to the right to suggest development, increase, and advancement. I narrowed down the faves and had other designers, family, and friends look and provide feedback. The end result is a logo worth loving.

Client Feedback

Themes difficult person to create something for is myself and I am a designer. It is easy to be critical and even overanalyze your work. With all the time and effort put into this project I was ultimately please with the creation. It is exactly what I wanted to convey.

FORWARD Designs Stationery


Clientele has quadrupled since I have created a logo and established a consistency with my branding. The professionalism and constant personal development have allowed me to increase my pricing. The value that I have gained and what I offer has helped FORWARD Designs, its clients, and peers.

Interested in FORWARD Designs creating something to enhance your business or personal endeavors. Feel free to check out what we do and reach out to us for your design needs. Look FORWARD to hearing from you.

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