Get Paid To Be Grateful

Get Paid To Be Grateful

In your personal life, how often do you say thank you? Think about it.

  • when you get a gift
  • receive an encouraging word
  • someone opens a door for you

And there are probably countless other instance. We are taught to express gratitude when something is given or offered. This is a part of many of our daily lives. But what if we could translate that into our professions or careers and get paid for it.

Once you gain a client or customer you should show your appreciation. With web presences, social media, and the increase in simplicity to start a business everyone has hundreds if not thousands of options. The fact that an individual or business chose to use you for a service or product is a privilege and you should let them know that.

So say thanks! here are a few ways to do so.

Email or Phone Call
It can be as simple as a personal email or phone call (from you). Say hello and make sure that the person is satisfied. Doing this will communicate that you value their business.

A letter, postcard, or other note saying thank you is sweet and somewhat foreign since so much of what is done is now digital. A discount code or coupon included may also encourage them to return sooner.

Social Media Shoutout
A little SMDA (Social Media Display of Affection) can go a long way. Show some love by tagging your client/customer. Who doesn’t like to get recognized publicly?! A lot of times they will return the love and repost, tweet, or share.

Take time to say thank you. This will help to cultivate your relationship beyond the exchange of services/products. It will also will increase customer retention and the building of loyal ambassadors.

How do you say thanks? Would love to know!


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