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Because Presentation Matters

Having a logo created specifically for you and your business serves a number of purposes. One being a great presentation. Imagine going to a five star restaurant expecting an amazing experience. The best dish is ordered from the menu and brought to you on a trash can lid. Would you eat that food? Would you return for more “fine dining"? Probably not. That same logic applies to so many businesses. Part of what establishes a brand, it’s voice, and what they offer is the way one decides to display it.

If the way a business is presented makes that much of a difference it would be wise to invest in what people see so that consumers will want to return. Putting your best foot FORWARD is essential.

Long gone are the days when a name could be scribbled on a stray sheet of paper, or clip art is copied and pasted on a MS Word document. In a world saturated with images being uniquely the best you possible increases the probability of success.

Invest in your business so that it can offer a return in profit and satisfaction for your audience and yourself.

  • Establish credibility

    Having a face, your logo, represent your business allows people to recognize who you are. When accompanied with your niche and/or what you offer it assist in building trust. When trust is established it creates a credibility that makes people comfortable with your brand.
  • Attract ideal clients/consumers

    How can an entrepreneur make money? How does someone get clients? Attract them! Positioning yourself in the best light will enable the ideal consumer to like, follow, and buy. Of course what you offer has to be valuable but taking the time to invest in how you offer it can make a huge difference in customer acquisition and retention.
  • Differentiate from competitors

    Blending in does not get you noticed. Stand out from the crowd. Offer something different. We research competitors to ensure that each logo design makes a unique impression. Focus on running your business. We’ll handle the rest.

Make A Lasting Impression With A Logo That Stands Out

Getting noticed is only half of the battle. Once seen you have to keep it up. There is the web with multiple types browsers on several different types of devices, social media platforms, printed materials i.e business cards, flyers, promotional ads, and so much more.

With endless options for the end user looking the same each time a person interacts with your brand is crucial.

No worries! We got you covered. Each logo is designed with all those details in mind.

  • Vector Based

    All logos are created in illustrator so that they can be scaled and not lose quality.
  • Multiple Files

    AI, eps, jpg, png, cmyk, pantone, and most requested files are provided. Sound like gibberish? Don’t worry. You’ll receive a handy pdf of what each file is and when it is commonly used.
  • Logo Style Guide

    The logo style guide is a handy overview of what is used to create your logo. It offers a breakdown of font(s), color scheme, and any other elements significant to the creation of the design.

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Each project taken on by FORWARD Designs is one of passion. We work with people we believe in. Every effort is made to create something visually appealing and solution driven.

Always Know What To Expect

There is a method to the madness. Even though creativity flows freely there still has to be some type of structure. Know what is going on. Be a part of the process. Rest assured that you will be informed, give feedback, and your voice will be heard.

Feedback From Our Clients

  • Girl! I love this page!!! I love the idea!!! Thank you sooo much!!! Wow!!! I am in tears!! You are so talented. Thank you! I absolutely love everything!!!

    I absolutely love everything!!!
    Che'kierra Parker
  • It is always a pleasure working with FORWARD Designs. I constantly receive complements on the work done whether it is a logo, website, flyer, or anything else because they do it all. The business relationship is great. I enjoy being able to focus on my business and turning the reigns over knowing that it’ll be done in excellence. If you are looking for a graphic designer look no further.

    It is always a pleasure
    Daniel Nelson