New Season Web Design Case Study


Che’Kierra Parker, founder of New Season, reached out to FORWARD Design to create an online presence for her newest venture.

The goals for this project were to

  • establish credibility
  • create a simple, user friendly environment
  • set a solid foundation to add more later

Typically we begin with the creation of a Coming Soon Page. This gives people a place to go even though the website is still a work in progress. Ms. Parker gave us creative freedom. She provided the vision for New Season and we took it from there.

New Season represent transition, growth, triumph. With that in mind we created a coming soon page that showed the early stages of a garden. Since this site is targeting people who may face depression, anxiety attacks, and similar condition we wanted the color palette to be vibrant, inviting, and uplifting.  The Coming Soon Page possessed a cartoon like presence to invite all ages to interact. The text introduced the owner and New Season. A concise form allowed for individuals to reach her in a descriptive, yet easy way.

Coming Soon New Season



More sketches were done than are shown here but this is what it was narrowed down to. Quick sketches allow us to clearly see what idea has the most potential, what lines up with the client’s vision, and what will meet the goals established in the creative brief.

Ethan's Logo Sketch 1 Ethan's Logo Sketch 2

Once the sketch is chosen it is time to open up Illustrator. Every logo we create is created in Adobe Illustrator. It is a vector based program and allows things to scale without looking pixelated. There are a lot of other perks too but we can talk about that later.

Ethan Pipion's Logo Birds Eye View

But the idea continued to evolve. Font choice, coloring, customizing the font, positioning, spacing, so forth and so on. The evolution of the idea brought us to the logo that we knew would represent Ethan’s personal brand well.

Design Details

The E and  P representing the clients initials join together to form a 4 stringed cello, positioned the way he sometimes plays his instrument. The textures included resemble a wooden instrument to emphasize the reason behind his brand which is presenting himself as a full time cellist.

The color choices were black and yellow. The yellow is bold and captures ones attention quickly while the black offers a strong contrast. The elements are repeated in the business card.


Ethan's Original Logo Style Guide


Client Feedback

Look good! I like it. -Ethan Pipion

He did suggest a color change. A red or brown tone is what he suggested because that color is closer to that of a cello. Once the change was made we were able to provide the solution that Ethan was looking for…

Ethan Pipion's Logo Style Guide


Anytime we can bring a person’s vision to life to enable them to fulfill their passion we feels awesome. Sometimes we even do a little dance because we’re so happy about it. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone. FORWARD Designs succeeds when our clients do and this, it was a success. With delight we present Ethan Pipion’s Logo Design Case Study.

Interested in FORWARD Designs creating something to enhance your business or personal endeavors. Feel free to check out what we do and reach out to us for your design needs. Look FORWARD to hearing from you.

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