Poetically Designed Case Study

Poetically Designed Case Study

Val Partee, the owner of Poetically Designed expressed an interest in having getting a logo makeover. The original logo had a black, gold, and brown background. It consist of a sphere that is surrounded and by words and layered with the entity’s name. The globe is also outlined by a circular cage that has a two tone gradient.

Poetically Designed's original logo

The overall concept was an idea that Val still wanted to embrace but he desired a cleaner more modern outcome that could set the tone for his brand and poetry work. The common ways the logo would be used was established early-as a watermark and on various merchandise intended to be sold at shows.

First we created a few moodboards to discover a tone and presence for the brand. This particular mood board inspired the color palette used in the final logo.

Moodboard for Poetically Designed

Several sketches were done so that the final concept incorporated the vision of Poetically Designed. The end result was a multi color logo that represent the earth in a way that is not too literal. It was a pleasure working with Val and learning that what FORWARD Designs created fit his business.

Poetically Designed Logo w/ text

Poetically Designed Logo without text

Business Card Mockup for Poetically Designed

Poetically Designed's secondary logo

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