Poetically Designed Website Design Case Study

Poetically Designed Website Design Case Study

 Poetically Designed Website


Val Partee reached out to us to create the vision he had for a website for his business Poetically Designed. At this point he had already entrusted FORWARD Designs to create his logo and other products so the fact that he sees the value in what we create is awesome. He loves us, he really loves us. Just kidding. Back to business…FORWARD Designs created Poetically Designed website.

The goals for this project was to

  • establish an initial online presence
  • display his body of work
  • increase awareness of what he offers
  • attract his ideal client

Phase 1
Coming Soon Page

Even though the website at this point was still an idea under construction we offer a coming soon page so that the audience still has a place to go. This is great if you are networking and/or have already begin to talk about your website and business. The coming soon page for Poetically Designed carried many elements that tied into the fact that it is all about words and making moments last with the use of them. The background made use of multiple images that were edited to blend together seamlessly. Words from some of Val’s original work were included as a watermark in the background. Social media icons were also incorporated so that people could easily connect with the writer.

Once the coming soon page was put on the client’s server the clients social media numbers and engagement increased by 76%.

Poetically Designe Coming Soon Page

Once a safe place has been created for consumers and peers to land we proceed to the next phase.

Phase 2
Wireframe & Sitemap

A wireframe & sitemap can be thought of as a blueprint of what to expect. A map that shows you the in and outs. To get this map just right it is important to ask why. So we ask why a lot! Not to annoy but to help so that the right website is built. It is not just about looks but it is about solving a problem and creating a great user experience.

Poetically Designed Bird's Eye View Sitemap

After sketching it out, it’s digitized. This makes it easier for the client to understand and provide feedback.Digital Wireframe for Poetically DesignedDigital Wireframe for Poetically Designed


The birds eye view of the site is sent. During this time the client and I discuss the site. What seems great? What may need improvement? Why should we do this? Why should we do that? Will this serve the target demographic? Will the user navigate through the site easily.

After we problem solve and fine tune it is time to create the site.

Phase 3-4
Creating The Website & Soft Launch

9 times out of 10 what we create will resemble the wireframe/blueprint. The sites we create are tested in multiple browsers and screen sizes to ensure that anyone can easily navigate to and through it. We add functionality to the site and load it to our test server so that the client can look and navigate through it

Below is the client’s previous website.

Poetically Designed Previous Website Created By Owner

Phase 5
Launch Website

Once everything is up to standard we launch the site. It is optimized, submitted to the most commonly used search engines, and we offer 30 day support.

Poetically Designed Website - Responsive

Client Feedback

Thanks Wall Street. The first day my website launched I received so many inquiries. It is happening so fast. Great job. Thanks! -Val Partee


Poetically Designed experienced a lot of growth.

  • The number of clients inquiring increased
  • A new avenue for the owner emerged with speaking engagement opportunities
  • Social media presence grew
  • Brand is presented in a better light

Looking for a website that will yield results and offer a solution? Feel free to look at our website design process, portfolio, and reach out to us for your design needs. Look FORWARD to hearing from you.

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