StoryTellers Logo

StoryTellers Logo

Project Description

StoryTellers is an amazing venture, based in Louisiana, led by Erika McFarland. Through this platform people are able to share their stories which include successes, triumphs, setbacks, detours, and everything in between. There was a clear vision for the look of StoryTellers. Our job was to capture that. Erika wanted the logo to capture the essence of a journey. A tree and path were rendered in order to captivate the idea of a voyage one may take while living and how listeners are traveling when in an event hosted by StoryTellers . From the color to placement the focus was on the journey not a destination and thats probably how we should live our lives.

Need a logo that will enhance your endeavors? Look no further. We would love to enrich your entity with the designs we offer. Reach out to us. We look FORWARD to hearing from you.

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