Poetically Designed Tote Bag Case Study

Poetically Designed Tote Bag Case Study


FORWARD Designs was contacted by Val Partee, the owner and writer for Poetically Designed, to create a tote bag that will consonant with the poem/scripture he provided.

The goals for this project was to

  • increase brand awareness
  • create a product that will reach a variety of female consumers online and at speaking engagements
  • establish credibility with product quality and deliver

Poetically Designed Tote Bag - Light

Poetically Designed Tote Bag -Dark

Design Details

One half consist of a silhouette of a woman. This accentuates the traits commonly associated with a female: lips, hair, lashes. It shows her in a state of peace and serenity. The text says “God has designed you to a profound woman of stature. Proverbs 31:30”

The colors chosen are a tan/pale pink shade and black. These two colors were selected because they appear more neutral and are versatile. Additional colors may be incorporated later based on feedback from consumers.

Poetically Designed Black Tote Bag


Poetically Designed Tan Tote Bag

Client Feedback

Wow! This is great. I have shared this with several people and they loved it. Thank you. -Val Partee


The final product was all that Val envisioned it to be and more. An update on this product will be shared as soon as it is available for sale.

Interested in FORWARD Designs creating something to enhance your business or personal endeavors. Feel free to check out what we do and reach out to us for your design needs. Look FORWARD to hearing from you.

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