What Are You Worth

What Are You Worth

There are a few questions every entrepreneur should ask themselves to determine worth.

  • How do you value yourself?
  • How do others value you?
  • Do you find value in the products or services you offer?
  • Can others see the value in what you offer?

Demonstrate your worth

Too often others are allowed to determine your value and treat you accordingly. But your worth, in most cases, depends on one thing. You! Now please understand this does not mean walk up to associates, potential clients, friends, or family and say, “Hey. I am valuable.” or “I am worth X amount of dollars.” That is not how this works. Your worth must be demonstrated through your communication AND action.


Time is a precious commodity. Unlike many other resources once it is gone it can not be reacquired no matter how hard you work or how much money you have. Value your own time. If you waste your time others will follow your lead. Be sure to establish the value of your time.

Be on time

If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality, I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own.

Richard Cecil

Whether you are attending a formal event, meeting the client for the first time, or just getting a Cup of Joe be on time. This not only shows the value of your time but it demonstrates respect and value for the other person. Show respect, get respect.

Deliver on time

Do your absolute best to deliver on time. Never allow your words to become weightless. Mean what you say and follow through with it. If an email was promised to be delivered on Monday, deliver it. In a world where we are inundated with millions of things to do it can be easy to forget. So employ solutions that will hold you accountable such as prescheduling, creating a to do list with alerts, or having a friend or co-worker remind you. Find what works for you and by all means do it.

Products & Services

  • What are your products/services worth?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • Do others find what you do valuable?
  • Do you find what you create or offer valuable?
  • Do you believe in what you offer?

At one point in time I made logos. Clients would specify what they wanted and I would do just that. I charged accordingly. Now I am at a place where I do not “make” things but I offer solutions and value. The end result may be a logo, flyer, branding or website but there is so much time, effort, research, and conceptualization that goes into presenting a solution that will establish a presence and speak to the target demographic. The value of what I offer increases and  I charge accordingly. Be fully aware of what you offer and what it is worth. Communicate. Let it be known. Along with words demonstrate it by delivering great quality work. Go that extra mile to not only show your value in work but also in gratitude and appreciation.

Create an experience 

Create An Experience


If you provide auto detailing as a service that may include:
-Washing the exterior
-Cleaning the interior
-Dressing the tires

Instead of limiting what you do to what you offer show how much you value the client’s business by placing some plugin air fresheners in the a/c vents. This small gesture not only shows appreciation but every single time that person gets in the vehicle and smells the pleasant fragrance they will be reminded of the work you did.

In A Nutshell

Being on time, delivering on time, offering solutions, and creating memorable experiences will communicate what you are worth more effectively than words alone. It is okay to tell people but be sure to show them too.




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