Why We Offer Solution Based Design

Why We Offer Solution Based Design

Solution Based Design

FORWARD Designs is a design studio. We offer many services to assist our clients in creating and establishing a brand. But it’s more than just looks.

Picture a gorgeous person. Nice smile. Great build. They capture your attention. When you walk over to greet them they still look amazing. But as you begin to invest more time you get nothing. They possess no substance. After you get past the surface you are utterly disappointed because they do not provide anything that gives you a reason to continue to give them your valuable time.

This is exactly what happens in design when the focus is on making something “cool”, “pretty”, or “trendy”. Please understand that looks are important especially when it comes to your business. Many studies have been done to confirm that people enjoy and interact well with things that are beautifully designed. But the problem comes in when the purpose for the product isn’t considered and the look is the only priority. FORWARD Designs work hard to make what we create  aesthetically appealing and along with that, we solve a problem or present a solution.

Example. If a client reaches out and ask us to design a logo we get to it. And by get to it, I don’t mean we grab a pencil, draw something, put it on the computer and send it to the client. No way! When I say we get to it I mean we ask questions, research, analyze results, sketch, sketch, sketch, refine, polish, critique, get feedback from professionals and everyday people, refine, and present one incredibly beautifully designed logo that offers a solution that will help that business flourish. This process is enforced because we know that majority of our clients don’t just want a logo. More often they want to establish a brand, gain credibility, reiterate who they are to specific audience, appear more professional, etc.

Simply put you want whatever product or service you receive to provide a result. That requires more than just a pretty face. That takes great communication and clearly defined goals. Knowing this we work with the end in mind. The work process allows us to present our clients with one solution.

Why one solution? Frankly, because that is all you need. If it isn’t broke, why fix it? Time is a precious commodity and no one can reacquire the time that has already been spent. With this in mind we wouldn’t want to use our time with split focus attempting to create 3+ options when we could concentrate on one option and make it more impactful and produce the desired result. We also wouldn’t want to waste your time by sending you endless options expecting you to pick your “favorite” when you hired us to be the professional.

Knowing the why and working from that allows us to present our clients with products that will add value to their business and that is why we offer solution based design. Interested in how FORWARD Designs can provide a design that will give your business results? Click here.

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